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Basic Voice Mail Features

Auto Attendant

Answers incoming calls and routes the caller to the appropriate extensions or departments. Unanswered calls can be routed to voice mailboxes or to available receptionists.

Custom Service

Allows the caller one-digit access to departments, directories, and information boxes, such as directions to your business, or daily specials or events.

Voice Mail Service

The mailbox owner can record a general message, a busy message, and an after-hours outgoing message. After receiving a message, the system will activate the message wait light on the desk telephone, or activate a pager.

Panasonic Puts You In Command

Panasonic KX-TVS Series voice processing systems offer much more than voice mail and automated attendant service. You also get versatile features and options, such as multi-lingual service and custom service that lets you custom-design your system to meet your specific needs. Digitally integrating a Panasonic voice processing system with one of the Panasonic Digital Super Hybrid telephone systems will provide additional advanced features that are only available from Panasonic.

Live Call Screening

Monitor your incoming calls while they are being recorded in you mailbox and intercept the call at any time.

Remote Live Call Screening

Monitor incoming calls from a remote cordless phone.

Two-Way Record

Record conversations into you mailbox, with the ability to store it or transfer it to another box for transcription.

Bilingual Voice Prompts

All of the necessary system recordings are available in English and Spanish, with provision for recording in a third language.

Intercom Paging

Notifies you of an incoming call over the paging system.


Direct One-Button Mailbox Access

Mailbox owners can retriever new messages by pressing one button.

Call Screening

When activated, the system records the callerís name and announces it to the extension user, allowing him or her to choose to accept the call.


Customizable Service Options:

Interview Service

Allows you to set up a mailbox that will deliver and record responses to up to ten questions.

Holiday Service

Alternate greetings can be recorded and programmed to play on holidays.

Caller ID Name Announcement

You can store up to 120 pre-recorded names to match incoming caller ID numbers.

Caller ID Personal Greeting

Personalized greetings can be recorded and assigned to specific incoming phone numbers.

Caller ID Call Routing

The system can be programmed to identify incoming phone numbers and route the call to a desired extension, mailbox, or answering message.